Healthy Lifestyles

With the growing national concerns about health issues, CCNN is taking on the challenge of offering a new program called “Healthy Lifestyles”. This program will consist of meetings focused on information and sharing along with exercise opportunities. Participants can be as involved as they choose. If you are interested in learning about nutrition and how to cook more balanced meals, especially on a budget, or are interested in disease prevention, our Healthy Lifestyles group would like to help. If you are looking for an additional way to start or enhance your exercise regimen and would like company doing so, Healthy Lifestyles will be able to offer that to you. We are very excited about all the wonderful ways we can encourage one another to make more healthy lifestyle changes. Our intention is to have the Healthy Lifestyles group meet every other week at the former Nichols Elementary School. if you would like to be on our Healthy Lifestyles Task Force, drop us a line or give us a call. We can always use new ideas to make this a successful program for all!

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.”

Charles Dickens

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