Grassroots Guide for Community Building

Resource Library for CCNN medIn and effort to help others successfully build their communities we have created "Tioga County Neighbors Helping Neighbors Project - A Grassroots Guide to Community Network Building"

The guide can be purchased for $50.00 by filling out the brief form below.  Upon successful payment CCNN will send you the PDF guide via e-mail within 48 hrs.

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Table of Contents

  1. Module 1 Welcome To A Grassroots Guide To Building A Community Care Network

    1a) Community Tool Box-Online Resource

    1b) Grant Proposal-Successful Example

    1c) Purpose of Resource Library

    1d) Design of Resource Library

    1e) Definition of Community Care Network

    1f) Essential Elements for Development

    1g) Module Topics

    1h) CCNN Contact Information

  2. Module 2 Network Building

    2a) Community Organizations/Potential CarePartners

    2b) CarePartner Collaborations

    2c) Senior Survey (Original) Example 1

    2d) Gaps and Opportunities Identified by Surveys

    2e) Senior Survey Results

    2f) Community Roundtable/ 1st Community Initiative

  3. Module 3 Developing The Organization

    3a) Guidelines for Effective Meetings-Online Website

    3b) CCNN Corporate By-Laws-an Example

    3c) CCNN Certificate of Incorporation (NY State)

    3d) Community Questionnaire-“How Are We Doing?”

    3e) Vision and Business Development Plan

    3f) Business Plan 3-5 Year Timeline

    3g) Board Member Commitment Re-evaluation Letter

  4. Module 4 Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Management

    4a) Here I Am – the Heart of Volunteerism

    4b) Volunteer Application

    4c) Volunteer Orientation – an Outline

    4d) Volunteer Job Description

    4e) Confidentiality Statement

    4f) Volunteer Agreement

    4g) Volunteer Guidelines

    4h) Volunteer Logs

    4i) Volunteer Friendly Visitor’s Guide

    4j) Volunteer Transportation Guidelines

    4k) Volunteer Shopping For a Care Receiver

    4l) Volunteer Shopping With a Care Receiver

    4m) Volunteer Friendly Phone Visits

    4n) Board of Directors Job Description

    4o) Board of Directors - Roles

  5. Module 5 Keeping The Mission Alive

    5a) Interventions – a Summary

    5b) Leadership Training Opportunities

    5c) Target Graphic for Staying on Course

    5d) Annual Fund Raiser – Example 1

    5e) Annual Fund Raiser – Example 2

    5f) Donor Appreciation

    5g) IRS Guidelines for Not-for-Profits-Online

  6. Module 6 Building Public Support Through Service and Communication

    6a) Logo Application

    6b) Sponsored/Co-Sponsored Community Events

    6c) Business Cards-Example

    6d) Newsletter-Example

    6e) Media Opportunities

    6f) Brochures-In-house and Professional Examples

    6g) Client Evaluation Form - Example

    6h) Donor Acknowledgements

  7. Module 7 Documenting the Journey

    7a) Daily Documentation Logs (Original)

    7b) Volunteer Organization Database Base Example

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.”

Charles Dickens

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